Lash SOS: Are your lashes unhealthy?

Lash SOS: Are your lashes unhealthy?

Most of us are aware of the damage and breakage that can occur with your gorgeous head of hair; your hair stylist has probably (understandably) preached it a time or two. Whether you’re guilty of an overuse of heat, have taken damage from colouring, or caused breakage from styling, we put our hair through a lot — all in the name of beauty (worth it though!).

What most don’t know, however, is that similar effects can occur with your precious eyelashes. Just like the your hair can get damaged, the small fibres of your lashes can also take damage.

This damage can cause lashes to fall out and break, or reduce all potential for growth. (Scary, we know!)

A common cause of eyelash damage is professional eyelash extensions, wherein small extensions are placed and glued on each individual lash. After extended use, many report breakage of the natural lashes, causing them to be shorter and more sparse. While this may not occur for all who use lash extensions, it can be a heartbreaker for those who experience it.

Beyond this, there are many reasons that may cause your lashes to be less lush and voluminous than you’d hope for. Some people are more prone to losing lashes, and some may never have experienced much natural lash growth. Some may also pull out or break lashes in the midst of not-so-gentle waterproof mascara removal.

Fear not. No matter where you are on your lash journey, we can all achieve long, sweeping, natural lashes.

Lash Lift Club offers at-home lash lift kits and serums for lash growth with a stunning curl. Our products are beginner friendly and easy to use — and super fun for a treat-yourself moment when you’re carrying out your spa-like beauty regime.

Our serums combat any damage or growth problems by ensuring your lashes are as healthy as can be. The serum will hydrate, nourish, and moistures your lashes, leading to growth and increased volume, since your lashes are truly healthy from root to tip.

It’s so important to be aware of the potential for lash damage, so you can take care of them as best you can, and show off a stunning natural lash moment every day. If you’ve had unhealthy lash habits in the past, or wish to achieve more growth and lift than your lashes naturally produce — Lash Lift Club is the right place to be.

When you need a lash SOS, check out our growth serum and lash lift kits to start rocking your natural lashes to their fullest potential.

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