Are Lash Lift Club treatments safe for my lashes?

Major yes! Our lash serums and treatments are developed to create healthy and strong natural lashes. Our mission is to elevate your eyelashes to their highest potential — so we use only the healthiest and safest ingredients for your delicate lashes.

Our serums create strength and growth, while repairing the fibres in your lashes. Our at-home lash lift kits are gentle and safe, emphasizing the strength and beauty of your long, sweeping eyelashes.

You can trust Lash Lift Club to deliver the best in gentle, beneficial treatment for long and strong lashes — always. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team.

Can I wear makeup after my lash lift?

Absolutely. Our lash lifts and serums provide a strong foundation to elevate any look, from fresh faced to full-glam.

We advise that you leave your lashes untouched for the first 24 hours after your lash lift treatment. A non-waterproof mascara is recommended, as waterproof mascaras may be harsh on the lashes and weaken the lift.

When using our lash lift serum, you may apply makeup to your lashes only two minutes after application — perfect for our on-the-go babes.

Can I use both the Lash Lift Kit and Lash Lift Serum?

Yes — in fact, we recommend it! The Lash Lift Serum ensures long, strong, and healthy lashes, while our Lash Lift Kit provides your lashes with major boost and curl. This combination creates a show-stopping look, emphasizing your lovable natural beauty.

How do I apply Lash Lift Club treatments?

Please view our Lash Lift Guide.