Our Story

Lash Lift Club is a premium lash lift boutique based in beautiful Australia. We believe in enhancing the natural beauty of the stunning lash lift babes in our club, allowing inner beauty and beaming confidence to shine through.

We specialise in providing high quality, safe, and gentle lash treatments, designed to create lengthy and lifted lashes that speak volumes.

Established in 2020, we were inspired to make change after a year of stay-at-home orders that encouraged many of us to revamp our beauty routines. We believe that creating dreamy, obsess-worthy lashes should be achievable from home, not just from the salon — and it is an added bonus that we’ve found a way to create this drop-dead-gorgeous effect with just our natural lashes.

As a result, our lash lift products are easy to use, beginner friendly, and perfect for at-home treat-yourself indulgence. We promise to provide only the highest quality, safest serums, ensuring the long term health and growth of your lashes through hydrating and nourishing ingredients. No falsies necessary.

Lash Lift Club is a space where we may look and feel our very best. We’re proud to have a tribe of loyal lash lifting babes who believe in our products and mission just as much as we do.

We thank you for visiting us today — we can’t wait to see you embark on a natural lash journey. At Lash Lift Club, we live and breathe everything inner and outer beauty, and our aim is to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

Welcome to the club — we are so glad to have you.